Two Indigenous Brazilian were shot by A Stranger

Recently, two indigenous Amazon people died sadly at Cana Brava of Maranhao state of Brazil. A stranger attacked them with a gun. After identifying, their names are Firmino Gujajara and Raimundo Guajajara.

Till now, the police has done an investigation, but the real motive of this incident has not been known at all. The majority of Indigenous Amazon people guessed that this incident relates to Jail Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil who currently serves.

It was known that the violence toward the indigenous Amazon people increase while he serves as the president. Frequently, it is also connected with his policy which wants to exploit the customary lands. So the indigenous people often experience the violence and they were even attacked by the miners and wood loggers.

The head of APIB, the greatest organization of indigenous people in Brazil, Sonia Guajajara also deplored it. He said We aren’t safe and this country hasn’t protected us. The tensions and insecurity will increase.

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